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Blog – Introducing Layer Platform API: build rich application-to-user messaging

Increase engagement levels

Get your users talking with chat, voice, or video messaging. Draw them back in with push.

One-on-one and
group conversations
Text, photo, voice, video, and metadata payloads
multi-device sync
Push notifications
Typing indicators,
delivery and read receipts
Offline support

Reduce development time

Use Layer’s SDK to drive an existing UI, or plug in our customizable components.

Rely on robust, distributed infrastructure

Let us handle the messaging backend, while you focus on the user experience.


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  1. - (void)sendMessage
  2. {
  3. LYRMessagePart *msgPart = [LYRMessagePart messagePartWithText:@"Hi, how are you?"];
  4. NSError *error;
  5. LYRMessage *message = [self.layerClient newMessageWithParts:@[msgPart]
  6. options:nil error:&error];
  7. BOOL success = [self.conversation sendMessage:message error:&error];
  8. }
  1. public void sendMessage(){
  2. MessagePart msgPart =
  3. this.layerClient.newMessagePart("text/plain", "Hi, how are you?".getBytes());
  4. Message message = layerClient.newMessage(Arrays.asList(msgPart));
  5. this.conversation.send(message);
  6. }
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