How we leverage iOS push notifications

Push notifications are a way for an app to send information to the user’s phone even when the app isn’t in use. From the user’s perspective this is an extremely valuable feature. It gets information delivered, and does it in near real time. From the developer’s perspective, however, using APNS (Apple Push Notification Service) can […]

An open letter to applicants of Layer’s beta

Editor’s note: This letter was sent via email to everyone who’s applied to the Layer early access program, announced here when we launched. Friend of Layer, After we launched in September, we opened 50 slots in our early access program. The first phase of the program was a success: we learned a tremendous amount and […]

Spotlight on a Layer user: Web Summit

Editor’s note: We’re sharing the stories of the apps and developers who were chosen to receive early access to the Layer service. Today’s Q&A is with Web Summit CTO Tony Ennis. Web Summit is the tech event to attend in Europe and it’s growing more than 100 percent year over year. This year was the […]