Messaging Series: Managing History Access Properly

How to think about allowing users to manage their conversation history No matter what changes in the world of digital customer experiences, one thing will always stay the same—the need for speed. We’ve traditionally seen the need for in website development. Every second of loading time delay can result in lost revenue. In fact, 40% […]

An Open Letter to Retail

Open Letter to Retail

Yes, retail can be saved Retail, You Have a Problem. I’m worried about you, retail. One of the first jobs I ever had was at Best Buy. I was just 16 years old and a much quieter individual at the time. Having to educate customers about new technologies really taught me how to have meaningful […]

Creating Cohesive Mobile Experiences that Drive Conversions Across Channels [Free Webinar with Branch and Layer]

Cohesive Mobile Experiences that Drive Conversions Across Channels [Free Webinar with Branch and Layer]

The Opportunity for Higher-Converting Mobile Experiences Mobile has been on the radar of businesses for over a decade. And yet, so many companies are struggling to deliver seamless digital experiences. The problem is that as consumers, we spend so much time bouncing from device to device, channel to channel, and platform to platform. Businesses have […]

Add Presence to Your Conversations

Presence Has Shipped Presence is now generally available for Layer customers; and ready to tell you when your customers and contacts are: Presence can facilitate a number of tasks within the communications process: – Identifying users who are active within your application, and may need help from your staff – Identifying users who are available […]

How dubizzle Drives Mobile Transactions with Messaging

What Is dubizzle? Founded in 2005 by J.C. Butler and Sim Whatley, dubizzle is a classifieds platform focused on the United Arab Emirates (UAE). As part of the OLX classifieds company, dubizzle has grown to include over 200 employees. These employees have been tasked with supporting the majority of users on mobile – 70% of […]