Messaging Series: Managing History Access Properly

How to think about allowing users to manage their conversation history No matter what changes in the world of digital customer experiences, one thing will always stay the same—the need for speed. We’ve traditionally seen the need for in website development. Every second of loading time delay can result in lost revenue. In fact, 40% […]

An Open Letter to Retail

Open Letter to Retail

Yes, retail can be saved Retail, You Have a Problem. I’m worried about you, retail. One of the first jobs I ever had was at Best Buy. I was just 16 years old and a much quieter individual at the time. Having to educate customers about new technologies really taught me how to have meaningful […]

Add Presence to Your Conversations

Presence Has Shipped Presence is now generally available for Layer customers; and ready to tell you when your customers and contacts are: Presence can facilitate a number of tasks within the communications process: – Identifying users who are active within your application, and may need help from your staff – Identifying users who are available […]

How Messaging Helps Move e-Commerce Beyond the Shopping Cart

 The Outdated e-Commerce Shopping Cart Shopping cart experiences have always formed the bedrock of e-commerce. Customers spend time finding products on the merchant’s website or app, add those products to a digital shopping cart, and then follow the payment flow to check out. As the newcomer in retail in the 1990s, e-commerce needed to use […]

Introduction to the Conversational Economy Series

Discover the Conversational Economy The Conversational Economy series will explore the trends in business and technology that are taking us back to a relationship-based economy, where customers are treated as individuals, and where businesses no longer need to guess as to what their customers want. Commerce Rebooted Commerce used to be personal. We used to […]

The new unbundlers

The new unbundlers

The new unbundlers I’ve always loved the Jim Barksdale quote from the Netscape IPO roadshow: “There’s only two ways I know of to make money: bundling and unbundling” — mainly for its simplicity and truth that has stood the test of time and markets. Today, Amazon has emerged as the Apex Predator of bundlers. Amazon […]