Looking Back at RISE 2017 in Hong Kong

RISE 2017 in Hong Kong

Layer Gets Involved in the Growing Startup Scene in Asia I grew up in Hong Kong, so when I headed there to attend RISE 2017 I felt a bit sentimental. It’s amazing to see that the startup scene in Asia is finally picking up. And even better, it’s growing exponentially. The RISE conference is put […]

How Jobr by Monster Delivers a Mobile-First Recruiting Experience

How Jobr by Monster Uses Layer to Deliver a Mobile-First Recruiting Experience

When Jobr got started in 2014, it was positioned as the “Tinder for jobs.” At a time when mobile job-search and recruiting was beginning to emerge, Jobr was poised to disrupt incumbent players with its mobile-first, consumer-friendly approach. Monster was one of these incumbents. As a longtime leader in the jobs space in the desktop web […]

The Rise of Chatbots in Native Apps

The Rise of Chatbots in Native Apps

Are Chatbots Actually Dead on Arrival? It’s been a wild year for chatbots. After Facebook announced the launch of the Messenger Platform with bot support at F8 2016, AI-powered messaging took off. In just over a year, Messenger grew to include over 100,000 developers and 100,000 chatbots. But while the tech industry has been ablaze […]

Introducing Typing Indicator Support for Delayed Messaging

With the Layer Server API, you can create chatbots that work alongside human agents to scale your customer experience. Our Server API, when combined with the Webhooks API, helps customers enable responsive automation in their messaging services. We’re happy to announce that typing indicator support for delayed messaging via Server API is now generally available […]

How Industry Uses Layer to Create Human Connections in Recruiting

How Industry Uses Layer to Create Human Connections in Recruiting

Who Is Industry? Industry is a candidate management system that brings companies in the service and hospitality industry together with job seekers. Because a bad hire can cost a company upwards of $50,000, Industry aims to help recruiters get out from under the weight of impersonal resumes to build their brands and recruit talent. On […]

How Notification Actions Help You Tighten the Conversation Loop

Notification Actions— A New Tool in Your Messaging Belt Do you remember the days before your iOS or Android phone had a notification center? Every time an app would update or you’d receive a text message, your digital experience would be interrupted by a pop up alert. Push notifications became so prevalent that the pull-down […]