It’s been nine weeks and six days since we opened up the Layer platform. Our mission: communications in every app.

In this short 69 days, we’ve been inspired by the communications experiences you’ve imagined and built. You, Layer developers, are in 126 countries around the world. You’re in 1,360 cities. You’re on six of the seven continents. Communication is a fundamental human need, and developers like you everywhere around the world are working to make it better with Layer.

There are Layer-powered apps in all major app categories. Even category-leading apps in dating, sports and photo sharing. Photobucket’s Lasso, designed to scale to its 100M users, is an amazing way for loved ones to share and feel close. Onefootball, ground zero for soccer/football fans globally, enables people with a shared passion to connect in the context of the sport. There are dating apps, health and fitness apps, on-demand apps that span the spectrum.

Layer growth app developers

Sixty-nine days is not a long time. The growth we’ve seen in that period is exactly the kind of growth you want and need to see when your aim is as ambitious as ours. And we’re working every day to make it even easier for all developers to use Layer.

Since our launch, the number one feature request from developers has been support for Web applications. Many of the products and services we use have mobile and web components, so developers seeking to create rich, engaging communications experiences in those products need Layer for both. They need the communications experience they create to be seamless and cross-platform.

We can’t wait to see what you build.