At Layer, we are on a mission to make communications better in all the products people love and use daily. The platform we offer enables developers to create compelling user-to-user and application-to-user rich messaging experiences.

Our philosophy is to launch new products gradually, in tight collaboration with the active community of Layer developers. This lets us build scalable, secure, reliable infrastructure, while incorporating direct feedback from the community. Our iOS and Android SDKs, UI Kits, Platform API, and Client API (get early access) have all benefitted this approach.

Following this process, we are now opening the Layer webhook service for early access.

What are webhooks?

While the Layer Platform API is used to input data into conversations, webhooks serve as an output. As a developer, you define which events you want to be notified of and Layer will trigger a request to a URL you define, along with a JSON payload containing additional event information.

What can webhooks be used for?

Webhooks can be used to monitor events in conversations, process them, and act accordingly.

Example use cases:

  • interoperability with legacy messaging systems
  • interoperability with external systems like SMS or e-mail
  • monitoring messages for keywords and commands (e.g. /help)
  • monitoring of messages for specific content filtering (e.g. profanity)
  • monitoring activity (such as new participant added), to trigger alerts or automated messages (e.g. “Welcome to the conversation Jane…”)
  • integration with machine learning and text processing services

When combined with the Layer Platform API, integrations like external services and AI bots become possible. This enables:

  • conversational onboarding (a bot that gets to know you)
  • automated responses from in-app customer support
  • hyperlink expansion and embedded content cards with images and metadata
  • text-based reminders of upcoming calendar appointments
  • hailing a car service from an in-app message

Apply for early access

If you’d like to start developing with Layer webhooks, or if you want to offer a service to Layer developers, please fill out this short form. We expect to release webhooks in general availability later this fall.