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The Importance of Perceived Performance in Sending Message

Sending Messages Is All About Speed Technology has made consumers impatient. We don’t just want instant gratification for every click or tap—we expect it. Retailers and e-commerce companies have been dealing with this for years. That’s why so much time is spent trying to make small, incremental improvements to page load speeds. Even though you […]

Increase Engagement with Typing Indicators

Best practices around bringing this consumer social staple into your customer conversations It doesn’t matter if you’re a hotel chain, a retailer, an airline, a financial services firm, or any other type of company—your digital experiences have to be sticky. The shift away from brick-and-mortar, face-to-face business has made engagement more difficult. There were always […]

Messaging Series: Managing History Access Properly

How to think about allowing users to manage their conversation history No matter what changes in the world of digital customer experiences, one thing will always stay the same—the need for speed. We’ve traditionally seen the need for in website development. Every second of loading time delay can result in lost revenue. In fact, 40% […]

How Messaging Helps Move e-Commerce Beyond the Shopping Cart

 The Outdated e-Commerce Shopping Cart Shopping cart experiences have always formed the bedrock of e-commerce. Customers spend time finding products on the merchant’s website or app, add those products to a digital shopping cart, and then follow the payment flow to check out. As the newcomer in retail in the 1990s, e-commerce needed to use […]

Introduction to the Conversational Economy Series

Discover the Conversational Economy The Conversational Economy series will explore the trends in business and technology that are taking us back to a relationship-based economy, where customers are treated as individuals, and where businesses no longer need to guess as to what their customers want. Commerce Rebooted Commerce used to be personal. We used to […]

Concierge Commerce: Rebirth of a Salesman

The Rise and Fall of Mass Marketing Conversations have been the native interface for business since the dawn of commerce, and it has only been in the past 50 years or so of mass production and mass marketing that these conversations have been distorted or killed altogether. Even before the concept of sales, there was […]

Messaging 101 Series: The Importance of Avatars

Messaging 101 Series: What to Know about Avatars! Guide to Messaging & Avatars They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But who says pictures can’t be worth more than just a thousand words? In your messaging experience, pictures/avatars could make the difference between lasting customer engagement and losing business to competitors. At a […]

Messaging, Voice and Video: Asynchronous to Synchronous and Back Again

Messaging: Synchronous and Asynchronous We’ve been trained to expect friction in communications when we’re at work. But what about friction in communicating…about communicating? How many times have you been on a conference call, waiting 5 minutes and started wondering whether or not the other person would dial in? How many all-hands meetings have you coordinated […]