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Swiggy Boosts Cancelation Flow Efficiency with Messaging

India’s food delivery giant Swiggy moves from call support to Layer-powered messaging, driving cost savings and boosting agent efficiency.

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Real Estate Will Always be About Connecting Buyers and Sellers

How to Provide Exceptional Customer Service Through Conversation

One of the best things about live chat is its powerful ability to provide exceptional customer service. In fact, 73% of customers who engage with a brand’s live chat support report being satisfied with their experience. That’s the highest levels of satisfaction with any form of support! But even if you realize that live…

5 Tactics to Increase Customer Engagement

The line between customer service and marketing has grown thinner than ever. Now, the two are often considered together when looking for ways to either improve marketing performance or improve customer satisfaction. Right in the middle of that intersection is customer engagement. In many cases, increasing customer engagement boosts both satisfaction and awareness. But…

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Quo Cures Real Estate Headaches with Conversational Business

Quo co-founders Naman Desai and Amit Patel both grew up in the real-estate world. Naman’s mother was a real-estate agent, so from a young age, he experienced the logistical nightmare property hunting can be for everyone involved. After years of helping friends find apartments, they set about creating a technical solution that would focus…

Facilitating the Lifetime Customer Conversation

4 Ways to Regain a Customer’s Trust After Losing It

Every buyer-seller relationship is built on a foundation of trust. When a customer gives you their money, they need to trust that your product or service will deliver on the promises made during the sales process. In fact, research shows there’s a 60% chance a customer will make multiple purchases from the same company…

Open Letter to Retail

Conversational Commerce is Transforming How We Sell

To some, scheduling a transfer with your bank via Whatsapp and discussing the best mobile contracts through Facebook Messenger sounds crazy. To others, this is already a reality, and it’s called conversational commerce. Conversational commerce is here, and it’s completely changing the way consumers interact with and purchase from brands. Here’s what you need…