How Kindly is redefining therapy for our mobile era, and using Layer to connect people in need

The idea for Kindly was born out of co-founder and CEO Jordan Walker’s own need. He was just 30 when he and his wife decided to divorce. The experience was overwhelming, and despite otherwise living the life he aspired to have — surrounded by friends, in Manhattan, working a dream job at Spotify — he […]

Spotlight on a Layer user: goFlow

Roni Eshel lie awake in bed at night, waves crashing outside her hotel window. She’d spent the day surfing a world-class break in Costa Rica with friends and was exhausted. But something was stewing in her head and she couldn’t sleep. “I’d noticed that all of the surfers in Costa Rica had these walkie talkies […]

Layer Talks – a speaker series for the app developer community

This month we’re kicking off Layer Talks, a new speaker series tailored for the app developer community and being held at Layer HQ in San Francisco. The premise is simple: we’re inviting some of the most talented and respected members of our community to come and share their expertise. We’re excited to kick off the […]

Why contextual communications will mean better engagement in apps

ComScore published its U.S. Mobile App Report yesterday. Much of it is really interesting: mobile app usage increased 52% in the past year; on the whole we spend 42% of our overall app time on just one app; iPhone users earn 40% more income than Android users, for a few examples. But one small, somewhat […]

HackLayer, and looking toward the future of in-app communications

At Layer we spend lots of time considering how our service can best enable the creation of the next great messaging apps, as well as apps of all types that are — as of yet — only imagined. So our first hackathon, HackLayer, was awesome for many reasons. It proved that Layer makes it possible […]

Communication – much more than just chat

At Layer we are building the open communications Layer for the internet. A building block that developers can use to add communications to their products, in a simple way, while maintaining full control of the experience. By definition, communication requires a source (sender), a message, a channel, and a destination (recipient). The matchmaking process, the […]

Why I joined Layer

In the early days of PC gaming, I was the world’s first female professional video gamer. I was so passionate about gaming that I built an online life dedicated to play. I met other gamers online and made friends through ultra-simple text chat via in-game consoles. I extended those communications to IRC, forming friendships that […]

Kicking off I/O at Layer HQ

Thanks to everyone for coming out last night. Together with co-hosts Bloomberg Beta, Homebrew, Data Collective, Fuel Capital, Morado Ventures and AME Cloud Ventures, we welcomed a great crowd. Thanks for kicking off I/O with us. Hope everyone has an excellent week.

You’re invited: open house at Layer HQ for Google I/O

Kick off Google I/O with us! If you’ll be in San Francisco for Google I/O, you’re invited to join us the night before it starts for an open house at Layer HQ. On behalf of co-hosts Layer, Bloomberg Beta, Homebrew, Data Collective, Fuel Capital, Morado Ventures and AME Cloud Ventures, we hope to see you […]

Thanks for coming to our WWDC open house

A huge thank you to everyone who made it out to our WWDC open house. The turnout was incredible. We loved hosting you and hearing about the amazing products you’re envisioning and building. Inspiring. We’re planning another, similar event during Google i/o. Stay tuned for details. (photo credit @superdeux)

Introducing XCTasks: Powerful Test Automation for Xcode Projects

At Layer we are developing a platform to power the next generation of communications-enabled applications. Platform engineering is uniquely challenging — it demands that the engineering organization execute on a number of component projects concurrently to produce a coherent whole. This results in the production of a relatively high number of code respositories, test suites, […]

Design critique at Layer HQ

Last night we cohosted an event at Layer’s Mission District HQ with Salesforce’s Brooks Hassig. The event brought together local designers and gave them the chance to get honest feedback from peers on their current work. A taco truck, warm San Francisco evening and great company made for a fantastic event. A fine time was […]