Why I joined LayerGeorge Patterson, Director of Operations, November 4. 2013George Patterson, Director of Operations

For the second time in my career I’ve come across an amazing opportunity to be part of something that, no doubt, will be huge at a very early stage.

My career has been focused on building very large networks, distributed system environments and state of the art datacenters.  About a week after I decided to move forward with joining the company I was having a conversation with a friend and they recalled how excited I was about OpenDNS during the early stages.  They clearly remembered my excitement almost 7 years ago when I told them we had built out 4 facilities throughout the United States and processed 1 billion dns queries in a single day. Today, OpenDNS has 20 facilities around the globe and processes over 50 billion DNS queries every day and still maintains a track record of 100% uptime. I’m super proud of the infrastructure I built and the organization it is today. Building the business from just a few brilliant engineers to a 140+ employee company with offices in San Francisco and Vancouver was extremely satisfying.

When I was offered the position to design and build out another globally distributed network that would deliver the innovative platform Layer is developing I was absolutely ecstatic. The type of challenges I enjoy working on, and am good at, are the ones that require building massive networks and system environments on a global scale. All the elements of what I want to do with my career are present at Layer. Such as working with a team developing innovative technology that will change industries, contribute to building a better global Internet, help stimulate new industries (thus helping the economy) and protect core values such as user privacy. The team is geared toward bridging major gaps in existing technology by leveraging elements of the network, servers, operating systems, mobile platforms and designing new protocols to transport the information.

Additionally, there isn’t a broader reaching problem to tackle than improving the way we communicate. Adding rich communications to any app means Layer could improve the lives of everyone, everywhere who uses the Internet on a mobile device. I’ve long thought the Internet needs an open communications layer and I’m thrilled to be a part of the team that is delivering it.

With all of that said my first two weeks at Layer have been amazing. The team has welcomed me on board as if I were family and we’re already moving extremely fast on executing our long term vision.  We’re hiring for multiple roles in the company and looking for talented engineers who want to break new ground and help build an amazing service.


George Patterson