How BOOK A TIGER Uses Layer Messaging

BOOK A TIGER is a Berlin-based company that provides on-demand cleaning services for both residential and business customers. Founded in 2014, BOOK A TIGER has grown quickly and raised $21.5 million in venture capital in February 2017.

On the consumer side, BOOK A TIGER’s ability to build trust between cleaners and the customers who are inviting them into their homes is critical. BOOK A TIGER’s digital booking platform must facilitate frictionless coordination and strike a balance between intimate and professional conversation.

However, BOOK A TIGER CTO, Matias Bonet, says that “even though we are considered a tech company, the real value for our customers is the quality of our cleaning, regardless of the fancy technology tools around it.”

Rather than getting bogged down building out a powerful communication infrastructure for its platform, BOOK A TIGER turned to Layer to power its customer conversations.

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The Problem: No Time to Build World-Class Communication

“Especially in B2C, customers have to trust the people coming to clean their homes. They open their doors and they want to see the same person every week, 2 weeks, or month,” said Matias. “If the cleaning team has to change, they want to see that once a year—not on every visit. So that’s one of the basic promises to our customers. You build a relationship between the customer and cleaner that leads to trust and flexibility in scheduling.”

But fulfilling this promise is easier said than done—especially when you have to pitch a proof of concept to stakeholders on short notice.

BOOK A TIGER only had a couple of days to come up with a proof of concept for its digital booking platform and prove that it could facilitate trust and communication in the cleaner/customer relationship.

According to Matias, “We spent the first 2 hours searching for different providers and evaluating different approaches to integrate all of our existing systems with this new functionality. We decided on messaging functionality where cleaners and customers can communicate with each other without having BOOK A TIGER getting in the way—something integrated in mobile that also worked in a web app.”

After looking down a few other paths, Matias at the BOOK A TIGER team decided to contact Layer.

The Solution: Simple Integration and Fast Proof of Concept with Layer

BOOK A TIGER found out first-hand that it doesn’t have to take long to create a working proof of concept for world-class, branded messaging.

“Before working with Layer, we were doing these conversations over email and SMS,” said Matias. “But over the course of the 18-hour proof of concept project, we discovered our roadmap for implementing messaging from cleaner and customer perspectives. With our Layer proof of concept, we closed our deal with stakeholders, get approval to finish the project, and in the end, it was about 4 days of work.”

While the initial proof of concept was just a skeleton, the feature has seen robust adoption in production across their consumer segment. BOOK A TIGER users have even organically discovered a use for location sharing within their conversations (included with Layer UI) in the coordination of picking up cleaners from awkwardly designed neighborhoods and gated communities.

“We’ve found that sometimes cleaners are late because they can’t find the right customer address,” said Matias. “With the rich location-sharing feature through Layer, we now have customers offering to pick their cleaners up to get them to the right location.”

The BOOK A TIGER story shows that any company can foster mobile customer conversations that drive lasting business value, and that they can do so in a customer experience that they control end-to-end.

If you want to learn more about how BOOK A TIGER got to market so quickly with its messaging strategy, contact us today for a free demo of the Layer customer conversation platform.