Introducing Typing Indicator Support for Delayed Messaging

With the Layer Server API, you can create chatbots that work alongside human agents to scale your customer experience. Our Server API, when combined with the Webhooks API, helps customers enable responsive automation in their messaging services. We’re happy to announce that typing indicator support for delayed messaging via Server API is now generally available […]

Set User Expectations in Messaging with Presence

Set User Expectations in Messaging with Presence

Presence Information Boosts Engagement (if Done Right) Do you remember when AOL Instant Messenger took the world by storm? It’s hard to believe that the chat app that popularized desktop instant messaging is over 20 years old now. You might not use AIM anymore, but take a look at your modern messaging apps. You’ll notice […]

The Layer Retail Playbook

The Layer Retail Playbook

Retail digital execs: Here’s your playbook for winning in the mobile era Retail is at a crossroads, facing down the rise of mobile and this new era where everyone has a black screened device in their pocket at all times. Amazon is winning. But not necessarily for the reasons one might think. Amazon offers many […]

An Open Letter to Retail

Open Letter to Retail

Yes, retail can be saved Retail, You Have a Problem. I’m worried about you, retail. One of the first jobs I ever had was at Best Buy. I was just 16 years old and a much quieter individual at the time. Having to educate customers about new technologies really taught me how to have meaningful […]

Creating Cohesive Mobile Experiences that Drive Conversions Across Channels [Free Webinar with Branch and Layer]

Cohesive Mobile Experiences that Drive Conversions Across Channels [Free Webinar with Branch and Layer]

The Opportunity for Higher-Converting Mobile Experiences Mobile has been on the radar of businesses for over a decade. And yet, so many companies are struggling to deliver seamless digital experiences. The problem is that as consumers, we spend so much time bouncing from device to device, channel to channel, and platform to platform. Businesses have […]

How Messaging Helps Move e-Commerce Beyond the Shopping Cart

 The Outdated e-Commerce Shopping Cart Shopping cart experiences have always formed the bedrock of e-commerce. Customers spend time finding products on the merchant’s website or app, add those products to a digital shopping cart, and then follow the payment flow to check out. As the newcomer in retail in the 1990s, e-commerce needed to use […]