Kicking off monthly #OpenLayerHQ developer office hours

Since we opened up the Layer platform and announced Atlas, our customizable UI toolkit, for general availability at the end of February, we’ve been amazed at the variety of applications and experiences that developers are building on Layer. From connecting communities around common interests like sports or career development, to shareable to-do lists, the possibilities […]

Getting started with Layer and Parse

Layer is a complete building block for communications. Parse is a great backend-as-a-service solution. A good portion of the developers building with Layer also use Parse. We want to make it even easier to get started when using the services jointly. The Layer Parse iOS Example lets app creators more efficiently create a fully-featured messaging […]

Introducing Atlas: Open Source Messaging UI Components for Layer

Let’s face it: modern application development is hard. Savvy consumers demand the world from developers: applications that are elegantly designed, buttery smooth, and well integrated with the services and content they love. At Layer, we believe the future is a world of more intimate, connected, digital experiences where applications are woven together with the most […]

Introducing XCTasks: Powerful Test Automation for Xcode Projects

At Layer we are developing a platform to power the next generation of communications-enabled applications. Platform engineering is uniquely challenging — it demands that the engineering organization execute on a number of component projects concurrently to produce a coherent whole. This results in the production of a relatively high number of code respositories, test suites, […]

How we leverage iOS push notifications

Push notifications are a way for an app to send information to the user’s phone even when the app isn’t in use. From the user’s perspective this is an extremely valuable feature. It gets information delivered, and does it in near real time. From the developer’s perspective, however, using APNS (Apple Push Notification Service) can […]