Conversational Commerce is Transforming How We Sell

Open Letter to Retail

To some, scheduling a transfer with your bank via Whatsapp and discussing the best mobile contracts through Facebook Messenger sounds crazy. To others, this is already a reality, and it’s called conversational commerce. Conversational commerce is here, and it’s completely changing the way consumers interact with and purchase from brands. Here’s what you need to […]

Conversational Banking: A Revolution Here to Stay

Transforming the Retail Banking Customer Conversation

Thanks to ever-evolving AI, brands are able to engage with customers and leads like never before. Conversational Banking is the next big thing after mobile banking and the financial sector is adopting it en masse. Here’s what all the fuss is about, and why it’s here to stay. What is conversational banking? First, let’s define […]

Conversational Marketing Is the Future, Here’s What You Need to Know

Messaging—The Past, Present, and Future of Voice Interfaces

People don’t want to answer cold calls, email back and forth, or use impersonal contact forms. They want rich, 1:1 conversations when and where they please. They want: conversational marketing. This is why conversational marketing is the future. Our CEO and Founder, Ron Palmeri, sees that future. Gartner sees it. And, judging by the fact […]

Where Returns Fit in Retail Customer Conversations

Where Returns Fit in Retail Customer Conversations

For many retailers, the rush of holiday returns sparks a scramble to minimize losses. And while your bottom line is important, one thing is often forgotten in the “return as a necessary evil” mindset. The customer experience. See why smoother returns are critical in lifetime customer conversations.

The Aftermath Part 2: Why Some Retailers Lost the 2017 Holiday Shopping Season

The Aftermath Part 2: Why Some Retailers Lost the 2017 Holiday Shopping Season

When you hear about eCommerce growth rates of nearly 20% year-over-year, you may think that the rising tide will raise all boats. But in instead, some of the world’s biggest retail brands struggled this holiday spending season. Let’s take a closer look at 3 reasons some retailers fell short of holiday expectations.

The Aftermath Part 1: 2017 Holiday Shopping by the Numbers

2017 Holiday Shopping by the Numbers

It will take time to get the full picture of 2017 holiday spending. However, now that we’ve had some time to watch the eCommerce stats come in, let’s take a look at the spending season by the numbers so far. Who won this year and why?