How Notification Actions Help You Tighten the Conversation Loop

Notification Actions— A New Tool in Your Messaging Belt Do you remember the days before your iOS or Android phone had a notification center? Every time an app would update or you’d receive a text message, your digital experience would be interrupted by a pop up alert. Push notifications became so prevalent that the pull-down […]

The True Potential of Push Notifications

Push Notifications Are Critical for Messaging User Retention We live in a mobile-first world now and messaging has emerged as the universal communication experience. As a result, push notifications have become a fact of life. Now, push notifications are the keys to improving user retention and reactivation in any mobile app—and especially messaging apps. But […]

The Value of Offline Access to Message History

Offline History Access Could Make or Break Your Messaging Experience The rise of messaging as the universal experience has opened a significant opportunity for businesses in all industries. But just because you implement a messaging strategy doesn’t mean you automatically tap into its customer experience benefits. There are minor challenges that, if unnoticed, can derail […]

The Right and Wrong Way to Handle Message Receiving

The Right and Wrong Way to Handle Message Receiving

How to Receive Messages for Fast Performance For many aspects of your messaging, there’s flexibility in how you can provide the best customer experience. However, when it comes to how users receive messages, there’s a right and wrong way to set up the experience. There are two scenarios to think about when receiving messages—the foreground […]

The Importance of Perceived Performance in Sending Messages

Sending Messages Is All About Speed Technology has made consumers impatient. We don’t just want instant gratification for every click or tap—we expect it. Retailers and e-commerce companies have been dealing with this for years. That’s why so much time is spent trying to make small, incremental improvements to page load speeds. Even though you […]

Increase Engagement with Typing Indicators

Best practices around bringing this consumer social staple into your customer conversations It doesn’t matter if you’re a hotel chain, a retailer, an airline, a financial services firm, or any other type of company—your digital experiences have to be sticky. The shift away from brick-and-mortar, face-to-face business has made engagement more difficult. There were always […]