The Layer team had the pleasure of sponsoring Open Mobile Summit 2017 in late November. It was great to have the event going on in our own backyard of San Francisco.

We’ve been to plenty of events throughout the year. But Open Mobile Summit stands out from the crowd because of it was so aligned with what we’re doing as a company.

From directors of digital mobility to digital account managers, VPs of digital marketing, and more, everyone was at the summit for one main reason—to discuss the best ways to engage with increasingly-mobile consumers.

Now that I’ve had some time to catch up after the event, here are a few takeaways I have about conversational commerce and mobile experiences.

Meeting Customers Where They Are

Conversational commerce was the big topic at Open Mobile Summit. At first glance, some assume that conversational commerce is just an evolution of retail eCommerce. But it’s more vertical-agnostic than you might think.

We met attendees from real estate, tech, telecom, retail, financial services, media, sports, data analytics, and more. No matter the vertical, everyone is focused on how brands can connect with customers seamlessly.

If there’s one line that can sum up everyone’s thoughts on conversational commerce, it’s this: “We want to meet customers where they’re at.”

And that’s what our CEO, Ron Palmeri, focused on in his panel discussion alongside Marriott International, Zynga, and Sam’s Club. The speakers on the panel noted that mobile leaders like Apple and Netflix have raised expectations for personalization.

Now, there’s an opportunity to use mobile as ground zero for customer experience innovation. But even though you have so much data at your disposal, you have to be aware of the line between personalization and creepy marketing.

That’s where we feel Layer fits into the equation. Meeting customers where they are and making the most of your data means having a natural conversation with consumers throughout their entire journeys.

Taking the Ego Out of Customer Conversations

Not long ago, I could go to events and talk about the importance of mobile messaging for customer conversations.

Now, mobile messaging is a given and the vendor market gets more crowded by the week. The Layer Customer Conversation Platform doesn’t just stand on rich messaging. We’re set apart by customization, integration, and design that takes the ego out of conversational commerce.

The whole point of conversational commerce is to immerse consumers in unique experiences that spark loyalty. We want to help brands deliver those experiences without pushing our own label. Layer offers holistic integration into branding and marketing while taking the ego and pretense out of the design element.

Others are in the market to brand themselves within your experience. We just want to make sure you deliver delightful experiences all your own.

If you want to talk more about conversational commerce and how the Layer Customer Conversation Platform can help overcome some of your challenges, get in touch with me today!