The Opportunity for Higher-Converting Mobile Experiences

Mobile has been on the radar of businesses for over a decade. And yet, so many companies are struggling to deliver seamless digital experiences.

The problem is that as consumers, we spend so much time bouncing from device to device, channel to channel, and platform to platform. Businesses have adopted each of these devices, channels, and platforms—but they’ve fragmented digital footprints to the point that mobile experiences often leave much to be desired.

There’s a silver lining to the digital experience challenges facing today’s businesses—the opportunity to create a cohesive mobile experience that drives multi-channel conversions.

On Wednesday June, 21, Branch and Layer are partnering to host a webinar that will teach you how to capitalize on this opportunity. Sign up today and find out how to put the pieces of your fragmented mobile experience together.

What to Look Forward to in the Webinar

The upcoming webinar, Creating Cohesive Mobile Experiences that Drive Conversions Across Channels, will be hosted by Branch co-founder Mada Seghete and Layer CEO Ron Palmeri.

As experienced mobile customer experience pros, these two business leaders will lead you through an engaging conversation that covers topics such as:

  • The current state of platform fragmentation and the less-than-perfect digital customer journey
  • Common pitfalls for customer experiences and the keys to success—minimal friction and continuity of intention across platforms
  • How messaging and linking infrastructure create a foundation for your cross-platform digital experience
  • And more

After speaking together at Collision, Mada and Ron saw that they were both trying to solve the mobile experience challenge but from different angles. Their fireside chat will give you a good sneak preview of the topic.

However, if you want to dig deep into the best practices for unifying your many customer experience channels (and start converting more customers in the process), the upcoming webinar is an event you won’t want to miss.

Sign up for the webinar today!


About Mada Seghete

Mada is the co-founder at Branch and leads all Community and Developer marketing initiatives. With over 22,000 members in 53 cities globally, Branch has grown the largest Mobile Growth community in the world. Mada has worked extensively with app marketers and developers to help them grow a successful mobile business. She studied Computer Science at Cornell and has an MS and MBA from Stanford.

About Ron Palmeri

Ron Palmeri is a serial company founder. Before founding and acting as the Layer CEO, he started companies such as MkII Ventures and Prism Skylabs. He is consistently focused on using the internet to disrupt the status quo, evident in his involvement in starting companies like Grand Central (now Google Voice), OpenDNS (now part of Cisco), Scout Labs, Swivel and more.