Learning to Engage with the Mobile Consumer

Mobile World Congress Americas 2017 took place in our own backyard in San Francisco. But just because the Layer team didn’t have to travel far doesn’t mean other attendees didn’t.

This year’s MWC Americas hosted over 21,000 attendees from 110 countries, which gave us a great way to connect with a global community of decision makers.

One thing that struck me, though, was how connected the buyers and vendors were to one another despite being so diverse. Because we’re all so hyper-connected, the show gave the Layer team and other professionals a chance to meet in person with the relevant context established beforehand.

This is just one reason why attending MWC Americas was such a great experience. Here are some of the other takeaways we had from the week.

5G Was Big—But Maybe Not as Big as You’d Think

This is Mobile World Congress, so you’d expect all of the biggest brands in the industry to come out and talk about the imminent 5G future. And to some extent, they did.

However, it felt like people weren’t talking about 5G as much at this event because everyone still expects to wait until at least 2019 for it to become available. Not only that, but 5G is an uncharted (though interesting) opportunity. Companies want to jump in on the current novelty of 5G, but there are other important trends to get ahead of first.

One other thing to keep in mind is that we haven’t even fully tapped the potential of 4G networks. Regardless of the network, it’s much more important for brands to figure out how to use mobile as the key to engaging with today’s consumers. Without a way to address mobile transformation, simply offering 5G innovation won’t be enough to deliver great customer experiences.

Rather than focusing on 5G, many of the keynotes revolved around customer engagement, which was exactly where Layer fit into the conversation.

Finding New Ways to Engage with Mobile Consumers

There was an obvious emphasis in the showroom on the desire for brands and retailers to capture the attention of increasingly mobile consumers.

The ideas really ran the gamut of creativity. Right next to our booth, there was a company with robot dogs that could provide a cute and charming front-end for mobile connectivity. But then there were other companies selling more practical accessories like car mounts and extended life batteries—anything to increase time spent connected to devices.

But even when companies find new ways to keep consumers connected, there’s still a need to leverage that connectivity to increase engagement. Mobile messaging is the best way for these brands to get the most out of consumer connectivity because it aggregates all communication channels into one conversation that lives on the smartphone.

Being able to talk to so many decision makers about how the Layer Customer Conversation Platform can help their brands create valuable customer conversations was great. If you want to learn more about how your business can engage with mobile consumers more effectively, contact us today.