Focus on Conversations at Each Stage of the Customer Journey

When you work on your digital transformation strategy, what’s the driving factor in your decisions?

For many business leaders, simply keeping up with new and complicated technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and chatbots is enough to draw all the attention. But even as you try to navigate these new technologies, there’s something more important to focus on—the customer.

The problem is that even as new technologies are implemented, customer conversations aren’t adapting. If you think about customer conversations only in terms of support, it’s time to rethink your customer journey.

Our new white paper, Creating Delightful Moments Throughout the Entire Customer Journey, is here to help you design branded conversations that boost engagement at each stage of the customer journey.

5 Stages of the Customer Journey in a Digital Context

“The mobile mind shift is the expectation that I can get what I want in my immediate context and moments of need.”—Forrester, Marketing Strategy for the Mobile Mind Shift

We all know the classic 5-stage customer journey—awareness, consideration, purchase, service, and loyalty. But when you think about them in the context of this Forrester quote, you start to see that traditional strategies won’t keep you ahead of the competition.

Instead, brands need to reconsider their customer journeys with digital demands in mind:

  • Awareness: There are more ways to connect with customers than ever. This sounds like a great opportunity, but can also be a significant challenge as customers demand seamless interaction. Emails and phone calls won’t cut it anymore.
  • Consideration: Consumers are researching their product purchases more than ever, but brands need to do more than just present their customers with more information. At this stage, there’s a delicate balance between consumer self-service and human interaction.
  • Purchase: Even this straight-forward stage of the customer journey isn’t immune to new consumer demands. New technology allows brands to make purchases more convenient for consumers than ever.
  • Service: Thinking about customer service as a simple call-in number and massive contact center isn’t enough anymore. Traditional customer service conversations must evolve to meet digital demands.
  • Loyalty: Innovating at this stage of the customer journey might have the most potential of all. With new technology, you can keep customers engaged even after their initial purchases.

Check Out the New White Paper for More on Delightful Customer Experiences

“Customer experience is currency in the modern business world. Having a great product or service is important, but you can easily lose business to competitors if there’s friction in your customer experience.”—from the new Layer white paper

These snippets about the customer journey only scratch the surface of the content you’ll find in our new white paper.

Download the Creating Delightful Moments Throughout the Entire Customer Journey white paper to learn more about meeting (and exceeding) the needs of digital consumers.