Webinar Replay: Designing the Perfect Customer Conversation

Layer Conversation Design System Provides the Right Messaging Tools

Even if you’ve come to realize that messaging is the best way to communicate with your customers, there’s still the challenge of execution.   

We talk a lot about how the Layer Customer Conversation Platform gives you the resources necessary to make messaging a core part of your business. Everything from infrastructure to interface, all tightly coupled in a way that gives you the flexibility to make an experience all your own.

However, there’s one thing that is often overlooked and difficult to get right —conversation design. Without a frictionless user experience and well-thought-out design, your customer conversation efforts might go to waste.

And this is why we’ve built the Layer Conversation Design System. In a recent webinar, Ben Basche (Product Owner) and Ugur Kaner (Design Lead) teamed up to discuss the how the Layer Conversation Design System helps users design the perfect customer conversations.

Check out the replay now and learn how developers and designers across your organization can execute this critical aspect of the messaging experience.

Webinar Preview: 3 Reasons to Lean on a Design System

“We’ve learned from our customers and experiences and seen there are areas where the messaging experiences needs to be customized and created in different ways. And we’ve also seen areas where a lot of these experiences have commonalities, components, and patterns that are consistent across many different use cases.”—Ben Basche in the new webinar

Every messaging experience is unique. But as Ben says, it’s clear that there are certain aspects of design that are common to all brands, which is why the Layer Conversation Design System is a valuable tool for any customer. A few reasons why a design system is important include:

These are just a few reasons why having a design system can be so important for brands embracing messaging.

In the new webinar, you’ll hear more about the value of the Layer Conversation Design System before Ben Basche and Ugur Kaner provide an in-depth overview of how they system can work for your brand’s needs.

Watch the webinar replay now and see why messaging design doesn’t have to be as difficult as you think.