Messaging APIs and SDKs for the omnichannel customer experience

Walk the Omni-Channel Talk

One conversation with one customer, synced across email, SMS, Web, Mobile, and Messengers. Start a conversation on one and pick it up on another seamlessly.

Lifetime Conversation – Lifetime Relationship

Smarter Authentication means more of your users keep their lifetime conversation history with your brand, building lifetime loyalty.

All Channels, All Conversation, All Powerful

Intelligent routing bridges your business silos so whoever is at the keyboard has context from every previous conversation at their fingertips.

Layer makes OmniChannel more than a Buzzword

Our developer focused SDK’s and APIs let you build native white-labeled messaging experiences with rich, enterprise grade messaging capability. No two Layer deployments look the same because no two businesses are the same. We help you tailor your messaging experience around your existing process, not the other way around.

Rich Content

Messages on Layer act like mini-application (up to 2 gigabytes each). Create product carousels, scheduling that syncs to your calendar, product tracking, polling, smart receipts, VoIP, Video over IP, media sharing, cat meme generators—you name it. Layer can support it.

To Bot or Not to Bot?

You decide—our platform is bot agnostic so can choose a technology that makes sense for your business or even train your own.

Infinitely Extensible SKDs and APIs

Our white labeled building blocks let you keep your own look and feel and add powerful functionality tailored to your business needs. Server API’s allow you to build additional capability and Webhooks let you stay up to date with everything on your app.

Future-Proof Your Growth

Crawl-Walk-Run? We’ve got you covered every step of the way. Send your first message in a few minutes with the peace of mind that enterprise grade capability is just a few clicks away.

Rising Tide Raises All Expectations

From typing indicators to read receipts and more, Layer functionality exceeds that of consumer grade messaging like iMessage and WhatsApp all stored in our extensive UI libraries and eXperience Design Kit.

Robust Scalability

Scale with confidence knowing that Layer already powers hundreds of millions of messages a day for some of the world’s largest brands.

Integrations to Embrace and Extend

Get more out of your existing CRM, ticketing systems, and product catalogues by integrating them directly into Layer’s Conversation Platform with our Integration Development Kit.

See Layer’s enterprise conversation platform in action.