All the hard parts of messaging, solved

A flexible toolkit, from UI to infrastructure, powering the next generation of rich messaging experiences.

One-on-one or groups

Bring your users together in private or common spaces. Assign roles and set permissions, then let them add, remove, or block other participants. Set conversation names and other meta-data.

Push notifications

Out of the box notifications for all messages and announcements, on iOS and Android devices. Let users quickly act on the notifications themselves, or re-engage them with deep links to content inside your app.

Any message type

Layer supports multi-part messages with any payload type. Location, text, photos, GIFs, voice, video, or just plain meta-data.

Any message size

You can send payloads of 1K to 2GB, and we'll handle their progressive upload and download on all types of network—even spotty ones. We can store your messages forever, or just for a limited time.

Sync across devices

Let your users start conversations on one device, then pick them up on another. Messages, delivery receipts, and read receipts are always synced and ordered across devices.

Offline support

Layer works even when your users have poor network connectivity, or are in airplane mode. We store messages on the device and send them as soon as a connection returns.

Typing indicators

Typing indicators contribute significantly to increased engagment in messaging apps. Real-time UI updates like this keep your users active and chatting for longer.

Delivery and read receipts

Track the state of every message, from pending, to sent, delievered, and read. Update your UI to help users understand who's read what.

Application to user messaging

Send rich-messages of any type as announcements or directly in a conversation from your application backend. Unlike standard push notifications these messages are delivered in the background, persisted on the device, and engagement can be measured.

External services integration

Use webhooks to notify external services of events within Layer. Keyword monitoring, @mentions, or integrations with third-party messaging channels are all supported.


Fully featured, high performance, 100% customizable UI Kits. Open Sourced.

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Native SDKs for iOS and Android, built for mobile developers.

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Connect browsers or desktop apps using the Client API. Integrate third party services and your own backend using the Server API.


Set up and manage your Layer projects. Monitor your app's performance with built-in messaging analytics.


Layer is architected with reliability in mind. Our services are distributed and monitored 24/7.


Layer is built to support your growth, from beta testing to serving millions of daily active users.


Every Layer message is sent through a secure connection and stored according to strict security and compliance policies.

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