Today is The Day We Fight Back. It’s a coming together of technology companies everywhere to show that we won’t tolerate the practice of online spying on Internet users by the US government and the NSA. Layer stands in firm support.

As we shared when we launched last year, trust, privacy and security are among the principles at the very core of our company. While Layer has the power to enable communications in both product experiences that exist today and those today only imagined, its developers who’ll build with Layer. We understand that developers demand absolute privacy and security for their products, and especially for the communications in their products. We take this responsibility seriously.

Today we publicly declare our commitment to doing our part. We believe we’ll be in an increasingly strong position to raise the bar and help rebuild trust in the security and privacy of communications in Internet experiences. We’re only just getting started, but this is an absolute top priority for us.

What can everyone do?

The Day We Fight Back has shared a fantastic summary of things everyone can do to help stop mass surveillance, including urging your Congressman/woman to pass two bills that represent substantial improvements to America’s laws. More here.