Layer is a complete building block for communications. Parse is a great backend-as-a-service solution. A good portion of the developers building with Layer also use Parse. We want to make it even easier to get started when using the services jointly.

The Layer Parse iOS Example lets app creators more efficiently create a fully-featured messaging app that’s based on Layer and Parse.

Parse Users and ParseUI

As the building block for messaging, Layer requires usage with a developer’s own identity manager. Parse has a built-in notion of User identity, with convenient sign up and login methods to register a User into its data model.

Combining ParseUI with Atlas leverages the UI components of Parse and Layer respectively to simplify the development process and help developers focus on what truly matters: their core application experience.

Layer Parse iOS Example

The Layer Parse iOS Example is a fully-featured messaging application including a signup and login flow, a list of conversations and a conversation view with support for rich-messages with text, photos, GIFs and more. Additionally, the example takes advantage of standard Atlas and Layer features like support for groups, typing indicators, delivery and read receipts.

Layer Parse iOS Example is available on GitHub, fully open sourced. For more information on integrating Parse, Layer and Atlas into your project, follow our guide.

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We can’t wait to see what you build!

Special thanks to Abir Majumdar for his contributions to this project and post.