Transforming the Hospitality Customer Conversation

How Hotels Can Overcome Commoditization with Mobile Messaging

As the consumerization of IT sets in across industries, Millennials are being looked at as if they’re some mythical market segment. Everyone wants to know how to best capture the attention of these customers.

For those that haven’t adapted to new market demands, the time has come to make changes as Millennials now outnumber the Baby Boomer generation. Every industry must adapt, but hotels and hospitality brands are under more pressure than most.

The hospitality industry can no longer rely on incremental improvements to mobile apps or minor web optimization efforts to maintain customer attention. As Millennials continue to become prime customers, the hospitality industry must embrace mobile messaging and customer conversations as the keys to market leadership.

The Hospitality Trends You Can’t Afford to Ignore

It’s not enough to make sweeping claims about digital transformation in the hospitality industry—by now, business leaders realize that the customer experience has to change.

Instead, we have to look at the four key trends that are sparking the need for more radical changes:

The result of these trends is a strategic set of priorities for the hotel industry to focus on—all of which can be tackled with the right digital customer experience in place. And this is where the Layer Customer Conversation Platform can help.

Layer Helps Hotels Thrive in a Mobile-First World

Unlike traditionally disjointed mobile experiences in the hospitality industry, Layer helps hotels bring all customer interactions and communication channels (from the initial phases of the customer journey through the end) into one conversation.

By baking the concierge experience into the entire customer journey—not simply at the front desk—a Layer-powered customer conversation helps hotels:

Take a look at a demo video showing a potential hospitality conversation experience for both a guest and a hotel employee:

Hospitality  conversation experience from Layer on Vimeo.

These are just some of the interactions that hotels can integrate into their Layer customer conversation experience. The beauty of Layer is that whatever experience you can imagine for your guests, you can implement with Layer’s powerful and flexible Customer Conversation Platform.

Ultimately, Layer helps Hotels thrive in a hyper-competitive environment and drive strategic priorities, such as:  

Traditional hotels are at a fork in the road when it comes to digital experiences. Competition has been catching up (and passing) establishing brands for years, but customer conversations can turn the tides back in your favor again.

Contact us today if you want to learn more about how Layer can help you transform customer conversations for more successful hospitality engagement.