Overnight Success Story

Overnight is a spontaneous travel-booking app—a platform that acts as a last-minute Airbnb. While many might think people are too focused on digital experiences, Overnight believes human interaction is alive and well as travel becomes more of a lifestyle rather than a luxury.

The goal of Overnight is to facilitate a spontaneous travel lifestyle by making same-day stays with local hosts more accessible.

To accomplish this goal, Overnight has worked with Layer to implement a messaging experience that creates a frictionless relationship between hosts and guests.

The Problem: Building Trust Quickly

Following the idea of Airbnb, trust is at the core of Overnight’s business model. After all, people won’t use a service that lets people stay in their houses if there isn’t a sense of trust. However, unlike Airbnb, the window for building trust between Overnight users and providers is incredibly small.

Because the time frame between booking and staying is so short, the friction of traditional communication channels is magnified. Phone calls and emails wouldn’t just create a clunky customer experience—they just wouldn’t get responses fast enough for the service to work.

Phone calls and emails aren’t just problematic for Overnight because they’ve fallen out of favor with consumers. There’s also a need for communication that is native for the company’s iOS app. Forcing users to exit the app to communicate with phone calls or emails slows the experience down and increases the likelihood of churn.

Using messaging as the primary means of communication in Overnight made the most sense because it fits seamlessly into the mobile experience and offers the fastest way for hosts and guests to build trust with one another.

The Solution: Implement Layer for Frictionless Communication

“Messaging is core to our business and our experience wouldn’t be the same without it.”—Asher Hunt, CEO of Overnight

About a year ago, Hunt and the rest of the Overnight team decided to implement Layer to make messaging the focus of its communication strategy.

How Overnight Uses Layer to Engage with Guests and Build Trust Quickly

Because the Layer platform provides the backend infrastructure necessary for a frictionless messaging experience, Overnight was able to add its branding and go live quickly and easily.

Now, Overnight enjoys higher connection rates and is able to facilitate communication despite the unusually short time frame. The goal has always been to break down the barriers of last-minute travel and messaging through the Layer customer conversation platform is helping the company achieve that goal every day.

How Overnight Uses Layer to Engage with Guests and Build Trust Quickly

If there’s one key takeaway from Overnight’s story it’s that adopting a messaging strategy to conveniently communicate with customers doesn’t have to involve months or years of labor-intensive development. You can get to market quickly and start fostering valuable customer relationships.

For more information about the Layer customer conversation platform and how it can help you benefit from messaging, contact us today for a free demo.   Also, be sure to book your next journey at Overnight.