Trusted Connects Parents and Child Care Pros with Layer Messaging

Trusted launched in September 2015 as an on-demand service enabling parents to find immediate child care from a targeted selection of vetted and trained professionals.

However, Trusted isn’t just a niche job board. Instead, the focus is on creating a channel for parents to quickly connect and stay in contact with child care professionals whom they can come to trust. From discovery to scheduling through service execution, Trusted is an end-to-end service that gives parents peace of mind paired with the convenience necessary for a busy lifestyle.

The core of Trusted’s on-demand platform was always going to be in-app messaging—but implementation posed several challenges early on.

The Problem: Rich In-App Messaging Capabilities Without the Development Overhead

From the beginning, Trusted planned to have all communication between parents and caregivers go through messaging. At the same time, the Trusted team knew it couldn’t rely on traditional messaging services like SMS or Facebook Messenger to get the job done. There wasn’t enough control over the conversation experience when it came to third-party communication channels.

Parents need to know that their concerns and wishes are being heard when communicating with caregivers, so granular read and delivered receipts were always going to be a critical part of the Trusted experience. Maintaining privacy and boundaries was also important for both sides of the marketplace, so keeping communications in a dedicated app and outside of their normal phone number or social accounts was important in making everyone feel comfortable. Finally, if Trusted let communications between caregivers and parents occur outside their core experience, they would lose ownership over that conversation, both from a strategic lock-in perspective and from an analytics and reporting perspective.

Matching caregivers and parents over SMS would not have allowed Trusted to give users the experience they demanded. Trusted realized that building a full-scale messaging service in-house would be the best approach, but was held back by how costly and time-intensive the process would be.

“Building messaging in-house would be a pretty monumental effort. Layer saved us at least six weeks of development time and added experienced support with their engineering team.”Trusted CEO and Founder, Anand Iger

After reaching out to the developer community for help, Anand Iger and the Trusted team moved forward with Layer to reconcile its rich messaging needs with its lack of internal resources.

The Solution: Fast Time-to-Market with the Layer Customer Conversation Platform

Unlike some brands that build out a product and need to implement messaging over the top at a later date, Trusted was launching with messaging at the core. As a result, the company had an aggressive launch timeline.

With the help of Layer’s customizable core messaging framework, Trusted was able to achieve usable integration in just over two weeks. This framework gave Trusted capabilities and features such as:

After initial integration (and before launch), the Layer support team worked with Trusted developers to add push notifications via web hooks. These push notifications are essential for building trust in the parent/caregiver relationship because they initiate a service that calls the sitter if a pending message isn’t replied to within 5 minutes.

Advanced capabilities like these push notifications were included when Layer messaging was fully integrated, which took about 6 weeks in total.

“Thanks to Layer, a Trusted member who’s in the military is still able to use our service from an underground bunker without cellular reception—connecting Wi-Fi to keep in contact with her sitter through layer messaging integrated into our app.”—Anand Iger

Now, thousands of parents in San Francisco and New York City use Trusted to schedule qualified, on-demand child care services. On average, conversations contain 30 messages from end-to-end, which Trusted saves on the backend to create a historical dataset that child care professionals can refer to and optimize services.

Every customized feature in the Trusted in-app messaging experience is meant to build greater trust between parents and the caregivers they’re hiring. And without a flexible framework to build on top of, Trusted would be forced to sacrifice some of their product plans.

If you want to learn how you can implement a customized in-app messaging experience without the costs and effort of in-house development, contact us today for a free demo of the Layer Customer Conversation Platform.