Who Is Industry?

Industry is a candidate management system that brings companies in the service and hospitality industry together with job seekers.

Because a bad hire can cost a company upwards of $50,000, Industry aims to help recruiters get out from under the weight of impersonal resumes to build their brands and recruit talent. On the job-seeker side, users can take advantage of the platform to grow their networks and find their dream jobs.

As the challenges of connecting recruiters and job seekers became clear, Industry turned to messaging to foster valuable human connections and enable efficient customer conversations.

The Problem: How Do We Make Conversations as Easy as Possible?

One of Industry’s main benefits is the human touch it brings to the recruiting process. Where resumes lack personality and consistency across applicants, the Industry profile system aims to help recruiters truly get to know job seekers.

While Industry can significantly reduce the time it takes for recruiters to review applicants, there’s a challenge when it’s time to move forward with interviews—how do they actually have the conversation?

In the early days, hiring managers realized that conversations with job seekers would have to be taken off the platform. They would have to move job seekers off the Industry platform and use third-party applications to have asynchronous and synchronous communication.

The value of Industry’s platform is its ability to help service and hospitality recruiters save time and money—but if there’s so much friction in conversations, users can’t realize these benefits.

Industry decided to implement a messaging backbone for its platform to centralize communications and help users truly save time and avoid bad hires.

The Solution: Streamlining Conversations and Adding a Human Touch with Layer and Voxeet

How Industry Users Layer to Create Human Connections in Recruiting

Forcing users off the Industry platform to complete the recruiting process created a gap in the ideal workflow. But by focusing more on customer conversations, Industry was able to reimagine the recruiting workflow and keep users (both hiring managers and job seekers) in the platform from end to end.

The key for Industry’s efficiency is the ability to mediate between synchronous and asynchronous communication by leveraging a partnership between Voxeet and Layer. This results in significant time savings:

Messaging helps recruiters cut time spent scheduling interviews from over an hour to less than 20 minutes on average.

Integration with Layer messaging and Voxeet’s award-winning sound and video technology helps reduce interviewing time from 5 hours to just over 2 on average.

Seamless customer conversations give Industry a competitive advantage because recruiters are able to achieve their talent-seeking goals. And with complete control over the end-to-end hiring process within the platform, recruiters can enjoy easy access to call and contact data—no more trying to organize mountains of printed resumes and endless lists of candidate names.

If you want to learn more about how Industry quickly integrated a frictionless conversation infrastructure to benefit its service and hospitality recruiting customers, contact us today for a free demo of the Layer customer conversation platform.