Since we opened up the Layer platform and announced Atlas, our customizable UI toolkit, for general availability at the end of February, we’ve been amazed at the variety of applications and experiences that developers are building on Layer. From connecting communities around common interests like sports or career development, to shareable to-do lists, the possibilities are endless.

To that end, we’d love to meet more of the developers that are working with Layer, and see if we can help you create the right messaging and chat experiences in your apps. We’d also love to accelerate your integrations, troubleshoot any issues, and just learn more about what you are doing!

Join us for #OpenLayerHQ office hours next Thursday, April 16th, from 4-7pm at our office in the Mission. We’ll have the Layer engineers behind Atlas and our entire developer support team around to answer questions and work side-by-side with you on integrations. Our designers will also be on hand if you’re looking for feedback on the right UI/UX around messaging. And of course we’ll also have drinks, snacks and Layer swag for anyone that comes in. Give us a heads up by tweeting us @layer or emailing us at if you plan to stop by. We look forward to meeting you soon!

When: 4-7pm, April 16th
Layer HQ: 470 Alabama Street

Abir Majumdar & Neil Mehta
Partner Engineers