This month we’re kicking off Layer Talks, a new speaker series tailored for the app developer community and being held at Layer HQ in San Francisco. The premise is simple: we’re inviting some of the most talented and respected members of our community to come and share their expertise.

We’re excited to kick off the series with none other than Ilya Sukhar, founder and CEO @ Parse.

“Building great experiences for developers,” with Ilya Sukhar

What: The consumer app world lives and dies by the quality of design and experience. Building beautiful and simple products that delight users is the name of the game. Even the enterprise has gotten into it. But developer tools and platforms are just coming around to this philosophy. In this talk, hear Ilya Sukhar, founder and CEO of Parse, share his experience building Parse with these ideals in mind and how you can apply them to building great things for developers or users.

When: Wednesday, September 24 @ 6 pm

Where: Layer HQ, 470 Alabama Street, SF

Please RSVP here.