India’s food delivery giant Swiggy moves from call support to Layer-powered messaging, driving cost savings and boosting agent efficiency.

Swiggy Sees Unprecedented Growth in 2017

Founded in 2014, Swiggy is India’s largest food delivery platform with over 35,000 restaurant partners across 17 cities. Using mobile, the platform provides a hassle-free, fast and reliable delivery experience. Every order delivered by Swiggy’s fleet ensures a host of customer-centric features like lightning fast delivery, no minimum order value, live order tracking and 24/7 customer support.

Over the course of 2017, Swiggy experienced unprecedented growth in orders, leading to a four-fold increase in calls to their customer support center. Driven by a passion for providing superior support for its consumers, Swiggy recognized the need to diversify their support channels by adding messaging.  

The Search for a Scalable, Personalized Messaging Solution

Swiggy’s key objective was to continue providing a delightful ordering experience to its customers while they scaled. The began by building an in-house chatbot, initially testing it on order cancellation requests. But to support the chatbot workflow, Swiggy needed a powerful, yet customizable messaging platform with room to grow.

After extensively reviewing other chat solutions, Swiggy selected Layer’s Enterprise Messaging Platform for integration with its chatbot. “As a customer-centric company, we always want to provide a great ordering and delivery experience. We chose Layer not only because of its excellent customization capabilities but also for its robust and scalable solutions,” said Anuj Rathi, VP, Product, Swiggy.

Swiggy Launches with Layer, Seeing Immediate Efficiency Increases

Soon after launching with Layer in January 2018, Swiggy support agents went from 1:1 phone conversations to managing four chat conversations at once. And within a month of adding Layer-powered messaging across their support organization, the chatbot was solving 10% of all customer queries over messaging, increasing to 25% over the next few months.

After their success with the Layer messaging platform, Swiggy chatbot combination, Swiggy used Layer to build a conversation dashboard for customer support staff.

With the dashboard and chatbot/messaging solution, time-to-resolution for customer’s cancellation orders has dropped from a 5-minute wait to less than 30 seconds.

Swiggy’s messaging solution powered by Layer’s Conversational Business platform is improving business performance and maintaining world-class customer satisfaction.

Since making the move from primarily phone-based support to messaging-based support, 70% of Swiggy’s user base now relies on chat for quicker resolutions to their ordering issues. Agents are achieving quicker order resolution, without compromising Swiggy’s signature high-touch support. Because of their success, the team at Swiggy hopes to introduce Layer-powered messaging across additional Swiggy services over time.

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