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Why Sales and Support Were Never Meant to be Divided

Why Sales and Support Were Never Meant to be Divided

The separation of sales and support was the imperfect organizational answer to balancing internet availability and 1:1 service. No matter what industry you’re in, the gap between sales and support forces you to grow your business in ways that don’t align with consumer expectations. Now we have to bring customer conversations back together.

A Look Back at the 2017 Leadership in Digital Marketing Forum

A Look Back at the 2017 Leadership in Digital Marketing Forum

There were dozens of valuable keynotes, panel sessions, and fireside chats (including one by our own CEO, Ron Palmeri and Trunk Club Co-founder, John Tucker) at the 2017 Leadership in Digital Marketing Forum. Check out some of our key takeaways from the event, including the idea that brands are the sum of all customer experiences.

Messaging, Voice and Video: Asynchronous to Synchronous and Back Again

Messaging: Synchronous and Asynchronous We’ve been trained to expect friction in communications when we’re at work. But what about friction in communicating…about communicating? How many times have you been on a conference call, waiting 5 minutes and started wondering whether or not the other person would dial in? How many all-hands meetings have you coordinated […]

It’s Time – How the Apple Watch Will Change Communications

At Layer we think a lot about the evolution of communications. We’ve been researching how a new set of connected devices such as the Apple Watch may impact communications. We believe that a wearable on our wrists has the potential to change the way we communicate drastically. From minutes to seconds Smartwatch apps are not […]

The benefits of building blocks

Every mobile or web application, consumer or enterprise, is built with the goal of providing value to its users — whether it’s booking a car, making a restaurant reservation, teaching them how to complete a task, or providing a fun and challenging gaming experience. Whatever the purpose of the application, making that experience exceptional should […]

The rise of the mobile mega niche

When the “Big Bang” of the modern Internet exploded more than 20 years ago, the first set of shockwaves impacted macro sectors like shopping, media and travel. And those shockwaves fundamentally altered the landscape for their offline counterparts. Fast forward to today, there isn’t a major sector that hasn’t been completed transformed by successive waves […]