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Where’s the Consumer in the Consumerization of IT?

Where’s the Consumer in the Consumerization of IT?

Consumerization of IT isn’t new. But something has been missing from conversations until now—consumers. Don’t just revamp internal systems and allow employees to use familiar technology. Make your consumer-facing systems and processes more user-friendly and create conversations that have lasting value.

Set User Expectations in Messaging with Presence

Set User Expectations in Messaging with Presence

Presence Information Boosts Engagement (if Done Right) Do you remember when AOL Instant Messenger took the world by storm? It’s hard to believe that the chat app that popularized desktop instant messaging is over 20 years old now. You might not use AIM anymore, but take a look at your modern messaging apps. You’ll notice […]

Introducing the Layer Conversation Design System

Discover Layer’s Conversation Design System!

Bringing Design System Thinking to Layer Last year, we launched the Messaging Design Kit – an effort to help designers, developers and product managers imagine their ideal messaging experience. With over 10,000 downloads and 900 upvotes on Product Hunt, the Design Kit v1 was a great way for us to move the discipline of conversation […]

Add Presence to Your Conversations

Presence Has Shipped Presence is now generally available for Layer customers; and ready to tell you when your customers and contacts are: Presence can facilitate a number of tasks within the communications process: – Identifying users who are active within your application, and may need help from your staff – Identifying users who are available […]

Messaging Design Kit for Sketch

A key part of building great products is the design process. We understand the value of the first wireframes to develop core product loops, and the importance of high fidelity designs for interactive prototypes that eventually turn into a fully functional in-app messaging experience. As messaging becomes part of every experience — commerce, communities, marketplaces, dating apps, […]