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Voice and the Elderly—There’s More to the Conversation

Voice and the Elderly—There’s More to the Conversation

Voice is the most natural messaging interface for the elderly and has the power to change healthcare as we know it. But as hospitals and nursing homes embrace voice assistants for elder care, many are missing the big-picture advantages of conversational healthcare. See why it’s important to incorporate voice into a larger messaging strategy.

On Mobile, Contact Us Becomes Message Us

On Mobile, Contact Us Becomes Message Us

Mobile has changed consumer expectations in customer support. Long, frustrating phone calls were once acceptable, but now instant gratification is expected. And yet, the companies whose apps we use every day—retailers, banks and financial services firms, travel companies, etc.—are keeping their customer support processes in the desktop dark ages. It’s time to adapt.

Messaging 101 Series: The Importance of Avatars

Messaging 101 Series: What to Know about Avatars! Guide to Messaging & Avatars They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But who says pictures can’t be worth more than just a thousand words? In your messaging experience, pictures/avatars could make the difference between lasting customer engagement and losing business to competitors. At a […]

Web SDK Public Beta

In fall 2015 we introduced the Client API, enabling developers to build cross-platform Layer applications for mobile, web and desktop. In parallel we started a private beta for our Web SDK, which enables web developers to build great messaging experiences with greatly simplified APIs. Starting today, the Web SDK is available in public beta to […]

How Praber uses Layer-powered messaging to run its mobile marketplace

Praber, an on-demand marketplace app that connects people needing a service to skilled providers who can perform it, is using Layer to power its most crucial function: messaging. Based in Milan, Italy, and New York City, and with plans to expand throughout Europe in the next year, Praber uses a bidding system to help its […]