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Voice and the Elderly—There’s More to the Conversation

Voice and the Elderly—There’s More to the Conversation

Voice is the most natural messaging interface for the elderly and has the power to change healthcare as we know it. But as hospitals and nursing homes embrace voice assistants for elder care, many are missing the big-picture advantages of conversational healthcare. See why it’s important to incorporate voice into a larger messaging strategy.

New White Paper: Bringing Chatbots into the Customer Conversation

Whitepaper: Bringing Chatbots into the Customer Conversation

Brands have mixed feelings about chatbots in 2017. Are they a customer experience saving grace, or just an overhyped technology? Our new whitepaper, Bringing Chatbots into the Customer Conversation, cuts through all the chatbot noise and explains how brands can make them more effective pieces of an overall messaging strategy.

Web SDK Public Beta

In fall 2015 we introduced the Client API, enabling developers to build cross-platform Layer applications for mobile, web and desktop. In parallel we started a private beta for our Web SDK, which enables web developers to build great messaging experiences with greatly simplified APIs. Starting today, the Web SDK is available in public beta to […]

SMS vs. IP messaging in apps

App developers and product designers looking to add communications to their apps have a choice, and it’s an important one. They can tack on SMS texting functionality. Or they can build in-app messaging. SMS providers refer to the latter as IP messaging, which correctly describes the underlying technology. However, much like you wouldn’t describe a […]

Introducing the Layer Platform API: build rich application-to-user messaging

Every app is a communications app. Whether it’s connecting two people in a marketplace, an on-demand service, a shared interest community, or a dating app, user-to-user communications is an integral layer of functionality. Layer already provides this with client-side SDKs for mobile and web. But sometimes as a developer, you need special control over the […]

Announcing Early Access for Layer for Web

It’s been nine weeks and six days since we opened up the Layer platform. Our mission: communications in every app. In this short 69 days, we’ve been inspired by the communications experiences you’ve imagined and built. You, Layer developers, are in 126 countries around the world. You’re in 1,360 cities. You’re on six of the […]