Retail digital execs: Here’s your playbook for winning in the mobile era

Retail is at a crossroads, facing down the rise of mobile and this new era where everyone has a black screened device in their pocket at all times. Amazon is winning. But not necessarily for the reasons one might think.

Amazon offers many things to its customers, at the top of the list are the low prices, fast shipping, broad catalogue and ease of checkout. All delivered through a mobile app, these attributes come together to create a highly convenient experience for its customers.

What might it take for someone to look past Amazon and buy elsewhere? What’s more valued by the shopper than a highly convenient experience? The answer is a differentiated experience. And the single best way to deliver a delightful, differentiated experience on mobile is through conversational commerce. The personal stylist recommendation for the tie from Trunk Club that matches the shirt the wearer already bought (and the stylist remembered) can only come from Trunk Club. So Trunk Club gets the sale.

The Layer Retail Playbook

Real-time conversational sales models are here and the companies doing them best are winning. The right customer experience for now has mobile at its core and treats customers to a concierge-like, one-to-one experience. Unlike the selling methods of the mass marketing era, these conversational experiences make us feel seen, understood and valued.

We’ve prepared a playbook for retail digital execs and are sharing our best insights on how to shift toward a conversational commerce model. Read it and learn:

  • The benefits of a one-to-one communication model delivered digitally
  • How to ensure brand consistency in conversational commerce
  • How to think about bots and AI
  • How to organize your people around conversational commerce
  • Which retail orgs are doing conversational commerce best

Download The Retail Digital Executive’s Playbook for Conversational Commerce