Why a Little Messaging Pop-Up Stuck in the Bottom-Right Corner Isn’t Enough

It doesn’t take an industry expert to tell you that messaging is becoming a focal point for SaaS companies. Just about every tool you use and website you visit has that little chat bubble stuck in the bottom-right corner to let you know you can get in touch with customer service if necessary.

However, these chat implementations usually take one of two extremes. They either fully embrace live chat or try to make the most of the latest chatbot craze. The problem is that live chat experiences often fall short in comparison to asynchronous messaging and chatbots are just a one piece of an overall messaging strategy.

SaaS companies have to go deeper with messaging. The customer service pop-up isn’t enough. SaaS apps need messaging integrated directly inside the experience to facilitate communication between users and improve collaboration.

Going Beyond B2C Customer Support to Accomplish Jobs to be Done

While B2C customer support is the most obvious use for messaging in SaaS apps, you have an opportunity to bake more efficient communications deep in your application workflows.

At your core, your mission is to help companies and users solve specific problems. This is why the Jobs to be Done framework fits so well in the SaaS world. But helping customers accomplish their jobs to be done isn’t just about product features—it’s about the connective tissue and social and emotional needs of an organization, which typically involve many steps along the way related to communication.

Work is fundamentally social and collaborative, but so many tools and applications that act as the “home screen” for users don’t fulfill those needs. Instead, many users are turning to apps like Slack for their communication needs.

However, there’s a disconnect between powerful enterprise messaging apps and your SaaS applications that acts as the hub for jobs to be done. Piping data from your SaaS service into external messaging applications inherently limits the customer’s ability to make the most of your product.

It’s often more powerful to simply add a layer of communication on top of the workflows you designed to help customers complete their jobs to be done. Rather than just make it possible to let roles approve tasks, move tasks from Person A to Person B, or add a new task for a user, baking communication and into your SaaS app gives users the complete context of conversations so they can move through workflows more efficiently.

At first glance, it seems much easier to throw a chat bubble on the home screen for B2C customer support as opposed to integrating messaging throughout the experience. However, baking messaging into your SaaS experience doesn’t have to be a struggle.

Layer Makes It Easy to Integrate Messaging into SaaS Applications

Rich messaging powered by Layer makes it possible to pull entire SaaS workflows into conversations—scheduling, supply chain and process management, document collaboration, and more can be facilitated within your application. And the best part is that you can get to market quickly rather than spending months (or years) redeveloping your entire product.

We have customers that have chosen Layer over cookie-cutter chat solutions so they could deeply bake communication into onboarding and support workflows while giving SaaS customers consumer-grade collaboration capabilities within their teams.

If you’re wondering how this looks in practice, look at how these SaaS companies are using the Layer customer conversation platform to go beyond pop-up chat bubbles:

  • Dispatch.me: A field service work platform that connects brands to expert contractors and gives contractors the ability to assign, manage, and communicate service details directly to customers.
  • Clutch Technologies: A software platform that lets dealers and OEMs sell vehicle subscriptions as an alternative to personal ownership.
  • Digitsz: A service platform that lets customers add payments within their digital marketplaces.
  • MyClassboard: An all-in-one solution for educational institutions that helps teachers and students communicate more effectively.

These Layer customers can give you a good idea of how messaging can be integrated deeply within a SaaS application. But in reality you need to tailor the implementation to your specific product. If you’re ready to start building a customer conversation layer over your SaaS application, contact us today for a free demo on how Layer can help.