It’s an age-old question in the e-commerce space: how do you create a high-touch online experience that mimics the personal attention customers receive in a store? Trunk Club, a Nordstrom-owned company where personal stylists handpick boxes of clothing for customers, figured out the secret after some trial and error—eventually increasing conversions by 54% using Layer.

Making Rich Messaging Work for E-Commerce

Layer makes it easy for companies to connect with users. With seven physical locations, 1500 employees and millions of users, Trunk Club coordinates thousands of conversations and transactions at any given moment. On a mission to give consumers confidence in their clothing and make the process as easy as possible, VP of Product Justin Hughes knew that user experience was everything. Yet the team’s initial attempts at building personal relationships failed.

“We went through a dark time,” he said. Users shied away from sales calls, so the team redesigned the website. Customers complained that the experience wasn’t personal enough, and the team tried building messaging themselves, with mixed results. Layer came along, and Trunk Club saw dramatic results: an 87 percent increase in connection rates with customers, and a 54 percent increase in conversions.

In the full 22-minute presentation , Hughes explains how Trunk Club did it. He goes through what worked, what didn’t work and what every e-tailer can learn from the team’s experience. View the entire presentation here.