Every app is a messaging app

Person to Person

Connect people in your product and enable conversations with rich messages, making them stay in your mobile or web app longer.

Business to Customer

More conversations equal more transactions. Rich messaging enables you to quickly build trust and answer all customer inquiries faster.


Communities connect people around the content they love. Messaging in communities enables conversations about topics people are passioned about, driving engagement and retention over the long run. Layer powered rich messaging can be expanded with content cards for a uniquely differentiated experience. Support for GIFs, stickers, photos, and other rich messages lets users dive straight into emotional conversational experiences.


The ability for users to communicate is an essential part of every marketplace. Layer powered rich messaging brings users back in the app with notifications and helps build trust between buyers and sellers with a great chat experience. Rich messages, typing indicators, delivery and read receipts everywhere, make a better experience keeping users in the app, instead of losing them to SMS or e-mail. Better messaging equals more successful transactions, and more happy users.


Matchmaking and messaging are key components of every dating app. Layer's support for GIFs, stickers, music and any other rich media out of the box makes it incredibly easy for your users to express themselves in creative and emotional ways. Typing indicators increase engagement, while delivery and read receipts add a new dimension to chat in dating. With support for announcements and bots you can drive even more engagement and retention, fuelling the core matchmaking loop. A better, richer messaging experience means better conversations and more dates.

Conversational commerce

Conversational commerce and concierge-style services are becoming the primary way in which people transact on their mobile devices. No more scrolling and tapping — it’s easier and faster to just chat with an agent or a bot. Layer provides all the building blocks for great conversational commerce experiences, from UI and rich messaging support, to integrations with external services such as bots, AI assistants and ticketing systems. A better messaging experience sells more.

On-Demand & logistics

On-demand services are all about speed and convenience for the customer. Layer makes informing customers of order statuses or scheduled services straightforward with announcements. Rich messaging including photos, videos, location and other content cards enables customers to communicate with professionals in a simple, safe, and privacy conscious way as an integral part of your product experience.

Customer support

Great customer support is timely, responsive and helps get more business done. Layer provides all the essentials for businesses to support customers in their mobile and web apps. With built in push notifications, Layer powered messaging goes beyond traditional live chat and helps keep the conversation going even when customers leave the app or chat window. Improve customer satisfaction with customer service powered by Layer.

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One-on-one and group chats, synced across devices. Push notifications, read receipts, typing indicators, and more.

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