Voxeet and Layer Improve Lifetime Customer Conversations

At Layer, we believe in messaging as the universal experience.

Mobile has completely changed the way we communicate, and messaging interfaces present a conversation experience that we can all understand.

But no matter how much consumers love messaging, there’s a time and place for synchronous forms of communication in the lifetime customer conversation.

That’s why we aren’t just focused on messaging. Well-designed conversations incorporate exactly the right interactions to match a customer’s needs in any context—from bots and interactive workflows to voice/video calling and more.

To make those experiences possible, we’re forming partnerships with vendors to integrate their technology into the Layer Customer Conversation Platform.

One key partnership we’ve made is with Voxeet, the company that integrates concert-hall voice/video quality into Layer customer conversations.

Voxeet Integrates into Layer Customer Conversation Platform

With just a few lines of code, Voxeet’s TrueVoice™ technology can be enabled within the Layer SDKs. This means that with just a simple API, any Layer customer can unlock the power of voice conversations (both group and one-to-one) that don’t suffer from the conference call problems we’ve all come to expect—crosstalk, garbled voices, echoes, background noise, etc.

And with the synchronous communication happening right in the customer conversation interface, you can take advantage of any and all contextual data while also using features like screen sharing and call recording.

Voxeet is committed to redefining the conference room. We’re happy to partner with a company that has our same passion when it comes to conversations so Layer users can make the most of both asynchronous and synchronous communication whenever (and wherever) necessary.

Industry: The Real-World Case Study

A while back, we wrote about how Industry, one of our customers, is using the Layer Customer Conversation Platform. One thing we should revisit, though, is the fact that Industry’s success with the platform wouldn’t be possible without our partnership with Voxeet.

Industry uses of Layer to connect recruiters and job seekers more effectively. The average bad hire could cost a company $50,000, so redefining desktop recruiting interfaces to cater to mobile-first job seekers can be incredibly valuable.

Messaging can help establish the initial human connections and act as the foundation for efficient conversations. But Voxeet’s audio and video technology adds another element to the conversation.

By leveraging our Voxeet calling integration, Industry has given recruiters and job seekers on its platform a much smoother path from matching through interviewing, reducing the average time spent interviewing candidates from 5 hours to just over 2.

Partnering with Layer to Improve Conversations

Integration partnerships like the one with Voxeet are important to what Layer does. They are what allow us to help brands not just share messages with customers, but to design conversation experiences that solve customer problems.

If you share this same vision, we’d love to discuss our own partnership.

Contact us today to learn more about how the Voxeet/Layer partnership works and how your technology might integrate into the Layer Customer Conversation Platform.