In fall 2015 we introduced the Client API, enabling developers to build cross-platform Layer applications for mobile, web and desktop. In parallel we started a private beta for our Web SDK, which enables web developers to build great messaging experiences with greatly simplified APIs. Starting today, the Web SDK is available in public beta to the entire Layer developer community.

What is the Layer Web SDK?

In combination with Layer’s iOS and Android SDKs and UI kits, the Web SDK enables a variety of cross-platform messaging use cases:

  • Social networking
  • Community building
  • Dating services
  • Online games
  • Coordination of delivery for on-demand services
  • Coordination between dispatchers/home office and mobile work force
  • Communication between customers and agents to plan and purchase
  • Marketplaces connecting buyers and sellers

In addition to supporting all of these use cases, the Web SDK enables developers to support new modes of communication, enabling people at a desktop to be able to talk to remote people who are on mobile devices. That includes call centers, support desks, sales agents and other environments where people work at a desktop supporting customers and coworkers in the field or at home.

As with the rest of Layer’s product offering, the Web SDK gives you freedom to build a great messaging experience in any product.

Learning and feedback

The goal of this public beta is to collect feedback from the Layer developer community and iron out the issues that can only be discovered by using the Web SDK in the wild.