We’re happy to announce that the Layer Web SDK is now officially out of beta and can be used in production applications.

What can I use the Layer Web SDK for

Added to Layer’s support for Android and IOS Clients, the Web SDK enables a variety of cross-platform messaging use cases.

During the beta period we’ve seen developers build anything from

  • Web dashboards for experts advising clients
  • Support tools for support agents helping customers
  • Messaging for marketplaces
  • Community group chat

The Layer Web SDK enables the power of messaging in every web application.

What’s in the SDK?

  1. Real time updates as Messages and Conversations are sent and received
  2. Simple Querys for accessing and responding to relevant changes
  3. Typing Indicators, Metadata and other Layer-standard features
  4. Queuing for actions that occur while offline
  5. Automatic catchup of missed events while offline

As with other Layer products, the Web SDK will keep evolving quickly. We have an extensive roadmap and we always welcome your input via our public Slack.

Integrate Today

The documentation is available as part of our developer portal, along with example apps. Sign up for a Layer developer account and get started.

If you have any questions about integration please visit our knowledge base, support form or join our public Slack.

We can’t wait to see what you’ll build!