From the start we’ve architected Layer to not only be a world class messaging fabric, but also enable external services to interact with the platform and be notified of events on the platform as first class citizens.

Last summer we’ve introduced the Platform API, that enables developers to manage conversations and messages in Layer.

The second piece is our Webhooks API, a way for external services to receive real-time event notifications of events that happen in their Layer application. Webhooks have been available to a limited set of partners since September. Starting today Webhooks are generally available to everyone in the Layer developer community.

Webhooks offer infinite opportunities

Webhooks enable Layer developers to:

  • build interoperability with legacy messaging systems
  • build interoperability with legacy notification systems like SMS or e-mail
  • monitor conversations for keywords and commands (/help)
  • monitor messages for specific content like profanity words or application defined message MIME/types
  • monitor message status changes (i.e.: message delivered/read)
  • monitor conversation activity, such as new participant added or removed
  • integrate with AI and natural language processing services
  • notify analytics services of Layer events in real time
  • build connectors with customer support services

When paired with the Layer Platform API, Webhooks make two-way integrations with external services and any kinds of bots straightforward.


You can start developing applications that send up to 10,000 Webhook events per month as part of our Free plan. The Standard plan includes 500,000 Webhook events per month. Each additional batch of 1,000 events costs $0.05. The number of integrations is not limited. We offer enterprise plans with custom pricing for high volume applications.

Set up your first Webhook

To get started visit our Webhooks documentation and join #webhooks our public Slack.