Messaging Lays the Groundwork for Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has been at the forefront of business leader minds since at least 2014. Like it or not, the consumerization of all technology is driving fundamental changes in businesses of all sizes.

There will always been some resistance to change, but ultimately companies still have to find a way to succeed in digital transformation. One of the main roadblocks to success is deciding where to start.

Do you rework your operational models? Do you transform the business model? If you’re looking at the different elements of digital transformation and wondering how to take the best approach, it’s time to buckle down and focus on transforming the customer experience.

In a new Layer Thought Leadership webinar, Ivy Montgomery (Layer VP of Marketing) and John Montgomery (Layer COO) discuss why customer experience is the most important piece of digital transformation and how messaging lays the groundwork for a successful customer-centric approach to modern business.

You can check out the on-demand webinar now and find out how a customer-centric mindset can dictate the right operational and business models for digital transformation.

Why Is Customer Experience So Important for Digital Transformation?

One thing you’ll learn in the new webinar is how digital transformation is directly linked with customer communications. This isn’t a new concept—for generations, the changes in consumer interaction have dictated business transformation.

Over the years, consumer interaction has gone from exclusively in-person to mainly phone calls, to web experiences, and now to mobile apps. But as these information channels have shifted, businesses have created organizational constructs in sales and support departments that are now holding customer experiences back.

If the customer isn’t the focal point of your digital transformation, you end up trying to implement technology that aims to simply streamline sales and support operations. This might help the customer experience to an extent, but it’s more of a temporary solution to a bigger problem.

“As a buyer, I just want to go to one place and get everything I need done. Why do I have to go find a different organization or call someone to get support and services if I bought something online?”—John Montgomery in the new Layer webinar

If you want to succeed in digital transformation, you have to make customer communication as seamless as possible—and that’s why messaging is so important now. Not just because it’s the preferred channel, but also because it:

  • Differentiates your brand as you foster one-to-one relationships
  • Puts the customer squarely in the center of your organizational structure
  • Prevents funnel leakage by promoting immediacy of communication
  • And balances the choice customers demand with the personalization that love

John and Ivy go deeper on these topics in the new webinar Building a Successful Customer-Centric Approach to Digital Transformation. Watch it today and see how you can get out ahead of your digital competition (no matter what industry you’re in).