More than anything else, the Internet is about communication. It has made our world smaller and more connected, bringing us closer through shared experience. Emailing, instant messaging, commenting, posting, and tweeting have become familiar verbs that define our experience online. And each year our online experience has grown more and more entwined and synonymous with life in general. It’s no longer a distinct world “over there” — the closeness of our communication has profoundly redefined the online experience. Each time we announce an engagement or share a wedding photo, message a dear old friend to catch up or tweet at a complete stranger we don’t just communicate with each other: little by little we are humanizing the web.

Since I was very young I’ve been amazed and often overwhelmed by the transformative power of the Internet. In a very short time, we’ve seen the economy redefined with a new generation of technology powerhouses leading the way. The best minds of my generation are pondering new modes of education and commerce, the cornerstones of our society. Amazing. It has always been a dream of mine not just to be a part of this revolution, but to help shape and nurture its growth by contributing to the technological foundation that is its bedrock.

Very suddenly, when I wasn’t even looking for it, such an opportunity appeared. For the last four years I have been working on RestKit, a framework for iOS designed to empower developers to model and interact with web services via a simple, powerful API. I designed and developed the library and have written tons of documentation, sample code, and done my best to support a large community while holding down a day job. When Layer began searching for someone to lead the Applications team responsible for developing the SDKs and supporting the developer community they came across my work on RestKit, reached out, and now the rest is history.

At Layer, we are working to redefine the communications landscape and foster a new wave of innovation in the Internet revolution. By providing world-class communications infrastructure as a service, we offer organizations large and small the opportunity to add rich communications to their online experiences easily, at scale. And by providing access to this infrastructure via simple, robust client SDKs, we are empowering a new generation of developers to innovate and invent the future of communications by focusing on user experience and value, not data centers and protocols.

It’s an inspiring product, an amazing team, and a childhood dream fulfilled. I get up in the morning, drink my coffee, and spend my day inventing the future: that’s why I joined Layer.