German behavioral economist Gunnar Froh is a Web 2.0 tech-boom original who founded house-sharing app Accoleo, acquired by AirBnB in 2011. After journeying to Silicon Valley to work with the accommodation giant, Gunnar wanted to iterate on the urban mobility solutions he had witnessed.

Anchored in behavioral economics principles, Gunnar set about building Wunder, a peer to peer ridesharing solution. After hitting roadblocks in Germany, Gunnar and his team looked abroad, to megacities suffering from chronic congestion. According to the UN, over 10 million inhabitants face major commute times and costs along with socio-spatial segmentation and segregation. Wunder offers these communities a mobile solution that saves them time and money.


But injecting a foreign, technical solution into megacities like Bangalore, Rio de Janeiro and Manila would take more than clever marketing. Coaxing strangers to ride in each others’ cars called for an unprecedented exchange of trust between users.

Product Owner Justus Tölle said Wunder determined a conversational business model would give users a chance to know their peers.

“We considered building something in-house, to allow for complete customization. But as a growing start-up, the effort to maintain and upgrade a custom solution would have been too time-consuming,” 

— Justus Tölle | Product Owner

After looking at competitors, Layer best fit Wunder’s criteria for customization.


In eight weeks, the Wunder team integrated and enhanced Layer Messaging in their application, with rich features such as location-sharing. Conversions doubled after introducing messaging, according to Justus.

“We’ve found if you use chat in the process of coming to an agreement with a stranger, you are twice as likely to actually follow through.”

Now operating in six megacities, Wunder cuts down travel time for urban commuters who would normally spend 4 hours in traffic getting to and from work. Bad traffic and poor infrastructure are no match for this innovative mobility solution. Successfully operating in India, the Philippines, and Brazil, Wunder has its sights set on expanding across another 30 megacities.

Layer is proud to enable a technology solving modern, systemic frustrations through the power of a simple conversation.


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